Welcome to Topsailors.org

Welcome to Topsailors.org, the new social sailing log for people with something to say about their sailing adventures.

This site evolved out of the website I built to share my own sailing log with family and friends: http://ivygreen.me.uk. While there were lots of options for setting up a simple blog, actually getting it to work well took longer than I expected. It seemed to me that other sailors could benefit from this work, without having to reinvent the wheel every time.

There are other sites that present collections of sailing blogs. Topsailors.org is a little different. Rather than being a collection of blogs, Topsailors.org is a single blog designed for multiple authors.

Authors don’t need to set up a new blog, they just write their log entries. You can even post by email. So write while at sea and just send it when you connect.

Readers can choose whether to subscribe to the whole site, or just to specific authors.

This site won’t be for everyone. Many sailors prefer to keep their logs private on paper, others may have already set up their own blogs. This site is for those in between.

See the About page for more detail and I hope that both authors and readers find the site useful.

Please use the Contact page, or comment below, to make any suggestions, or report any problems.

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