8 June 2019 – Lochgoilhead to Kip marina

Start position
Finish position
Kip marina
The weekend started with today’s forecast to be wet and windy. The sun is struggling through, as we drift off our mooring with a NW breath of wind. We make slow progress down the loch for a while, before the wind fades away and we’re motoring.
As we emerge into Loch Long there’s a steady Southerly blowing, so we beat up against it. The patrol boat at Coulport decides that we’re too close to their ‘Protected Area’, so comes to warn us off. It’s not clear whether he doesn’t understand why we’re zigzagging, or just doesn’t care. Anyway, we keep further to the West from then on. The wind veers a little and we’re able to fetch straight down the loch, just as heavy rain comes in.
The rain eases and the wind dies as we pass Holy Loch, so it’s back to the engine and packing up as we approach Kip Marina again, passing a few dolphins.
Back in the marina, there’s another heavy shower before the rain clears.
We’re off to visit relatives in the morning, before driving South again.
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