5 July 2019 – Port Appin to Oban

Start position
Port Appin
Finish position
Oban Marina
We discovered yesterday that our second gas bottle was empty, so it’s a cold start to the day.
The wind is on the nose, but we need to get to Oban today. So we motor down with the tide as the weather gets ever greyer.
Arrival into Oban is straightforward, despite pages of description in cruising guide. Oban Marina is smaller than expected, but seems well sheltered.
Replace both gas bottles and pay for 2 weeks.
Cleaned up gas locker.
Packing up, then ferry ashore for L to get bus to Dunfermline.
R brief walk on Kerrara, then finish packing up. Decide that shelter may not be good enough for the big deck cover, so leave it off.
Supper at ‘Waypoint’.
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