3rd June 2017 – YOGAFF race

  • Start position – Yarmouth
  • Start time – 10:00
  • Start engine hrs – 647.9
  • Towards – Yarmouth
  • ETA –
  • Finish position – Yarmouth
  • Finish time – 12:45
  • Finish engine hrs – 648.6
  • Distance travelled – 14nm
  • Skipper – Richard
  • Crew – Louise, Tim A, Miles
  • Weather – SW3-5
  • Tide – HW Portsmouth 07:30, 20:10
    • LW Portsmouth 12:50, 1.6m
    • np->sp 0%
  • New faults –

The breeze is looking much more positive this morning and we’ve got our crack race crew on board. We’ve changed down from the yankee jib to the No.1 to make sure we get the best possible tacking angles against the tide, although much of this race should be at near slack water. As it turns out, we also get a course that involves little tacking.

There are about 30 gaffers racing this morning, with a down-tide upwind start, heading for the red can just off the pier, which should give the spectators a good view. The breeze is up, so that topsails stay on the deck and everyone hangs back. We get a good fast start in the front row and soon have to tack out to clear the RSYC moorings. We duck ‘Sophie’ and find a large gap behind her. We soon tack back to starboard to head for the mark and find ourselves just to windward of ‘Sophie’ again. We’ve got the overlap and slide through as the tide sweeps us all towards the mark. A good tack and we’re first round and away from the fleet. As we open up a gap on the first reach, it’s time to hoist the topsail. We watch others behind us do the same, with ‘Polly Agatha’ now working up through the fleet. As we round ‘Berthon’ they’re well behind us and Ivy Green is powering through the flat water. Watching the following fleet, it’s clear that others are overpowered as the wind builds slightly. We cross the Solent twice more. As we approach the line, the course is shortened and we take line honours by a substantial margin. We’re confident about Class 1.

Back to the harbour for pasties and to watch the ‘fun on the water’ games. Then there’s just time for a visit to Norlands Cottage before the prize-giving. Not only have we won Class 1 today (The George Hotel Cup), but we’ve also come second over all, just 16s behind ‘Step back in time”. To our surprise we find that we’ve also won the passage race and come third in Friday’s gaffel race. So a successful regatta for Ivy Green and crew.

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