3 August 2019 – Laggan Lochs to Fort Augustus

Start position
Laggan Lochs
Finish position
Fort Augustus
Up one loch, then a short canal length to Laggan swing bridge and we’re into Loch Oich. Very different from Loch Lochy, without the soaring sides. There’s a narrow marked channel along the middle. This is the highest point of the canal. It’s not far to Aberchaldy and Cullochy Lock, our fist step down again Loch Kytra takes us down another step and by lunchtime we’re at the top of the locks at Fort Augustus. A group of canal motor cruisers have just started down. So we tie up with plenty of time in hand. We could get the next lock down, but it would be too late to carry on. The pontoon at the edge of Loch Ness is busy and bumpy, so we decide to spend the night where we are and book the first lock down in the morning. Fort Augustus is a real tourist trap.
As we wait for Laurna and David, the heavens open. They’re able to park alongside and come aboard. Then we’re all off to the ‘Boathouse’ restaurant, right on the shore of Loch Ness.
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