2nd June 2017 – Gaffel race

  • Start position – Yarmouth
  • Start time – 11:05
  • Start engine hrs – 646.3
  • Towards – Yarmouth
  • ETA –
  • Finish position – Yarmouth
  • Finish time – 15:25
  • Finish engine hrs – 647.9
  • Distance travelled – 16nm
  • Skipper – Richard
  • Crew – Louise, Erik, Barbara
  • Weather – WSW 0-2
  • Tide – HW Portsmouth 19:10
    • np->sp 14%
  • New faults –

It’s a calm morning in Yarmouth. The gaffel race is postponed for an hour at the briefing, so we head out just after 11:00. The sheeting problems with the topsail have been fixed, so it’s in play today. The fleet drift around Bouldner until  the breeze finally comes down the Solent to join us, with a start at 12:45. The rest of the fleet stay close to the island shore, but we break out and cross the Solent to get some distance on the sheet. We fetch ‘Colten”, then tack up out of the tide to ‘Dunford’. We put a couple more tacks in before venturing across the tide towards ‘Sconce’. We meet ‘Betty II’ going the other way, but the tide sweeps us 150m short of the buoy. There’s no point in fighting it here, so we cut our losses and head for ‘Lymington Bank’. We’re there with 45 minutes in hand, so continue to ‘Berthon’. We round it and head back towards the finish, to discover that we’ve misjudged the tide again. There’s a slow beat back up the island shore and it takes 2 attempts to beat the tide around the last mark, despite almost touching it on the first pass.

Back into the harbour for a late lunch and to add up the distance. We’ve raced 12nm, but only get 5.34nm on the course and finished nearly 20 minutes late! We’re not hopeful, but we had a good sail anyway. Then it’s the traditional dinner and music at YSC, which is enjoyed by all.

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