28 June 2019 – Crinan to Puilladobhrain

Start position
Crinan Basin
Finish position
We had intended to look for Ivy Green’s sister ship, ‘Solway Made’, at Ardfern, but the wind and tide are too good for such a short run.
We’re in the first sea lock down, emerging to find a perfect breeze waiting for us and the 3 others we come down with. The fenders go away and the bowsprit out. We leave the jib on deck initially and are soon speeding downwind.
The wind is distinctly fickle as we pass Dorus Mor. Then it’s up the Luing Sound, with a flypast from the RAF and tides sweeping us up to 9kts over the ground.
We see kayakers and a sea eagle as we approach Puilladobhrain (aka Puldohran) and are in for a late lunch. There’s a group of Westerlys there and a few others, so it takes a second attempt to pick a clear space. Once the lunchtime boats leave we have plenty of space. We rig the cockpit cover as a sunshade.
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