27 June 2019 – Crinan Canal – Part 2

Start position
Finish position
Crinan Basin
Our neighbours leave first thing, heading East. We have a leisurely start West. The next group of locks (9-13) turn out to be just around the corner. We’re on our own, but downhill is much calmer than up. L on shore and R on board works easily and we take our time in the sunshine. On board it’s simple to fix a long bow line and just ease the stern line as the water level quietly drops. There’s plenty of time to adjust the bow, if needed.
We stop for lunch below lock 13 and wait for 2 boats behind us to catch up before heading for bridges that need to be opened. The canal narrows and twists as we approach Crinan. Then all 3 of us are into lock 14, which is a big automated lock, operated by staff. We’re directed around the corner into the Puffer’s berth for the night.
We’ve heard plenty of stories of problems with the Crinan Canal, but it couldn’t have been easier, even with just 2 of us on board.
We can see the Western Isles from outside the Crinan Hotel. We enjoy the recommended scallops at the Seafood bar, prepare to return to salt water and just catch the late sunset.
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