21st June 2017 – Helford to Fowey

  • Start position – Helford River
  • Start time – 10:30
  • Start engine hrs –
  • Towards – Fowey
  • ETA –  15:30
  • Finish position –  Fowey
  • Finish time – 17:10
  • Finish engine hrs – 683.5
  • Distance travelled – 25nm
  • Skipper – Richard
  • Crew – Louise
  • Weather – SE 2-3
  • Tide – HW Fowey 16:00
    • np->sp 29%
  • New faults –

With the organised events over, it’s time to make our own plans. The goal is to end the week in Dartmouth. The SE forecast looks good for passage to Fowey. As we leave Helford we pass the gaff-wayfarer again, this time making good progress under sail. The wind is too light for us, so we put the engine on until well past Falmouth. We get a decent sail down-tide past Dodman Point. Then we motor the last few miles. Fowey is busy, but we’re soon guided onto a free visitor’s buoy. They’re awfully close together, as boats swing in different directions.

We watch the local ‘Troy’ boats setting up for an evening race as the fog closes in. Their race is abandoned as the start line disappears. We get the water taxi ashore and head for showers at the Royal Fowey Yacht Club. We walk in to find the crew of ‘Mat Ali’ ready for supper. Quick showers and we join them. Eventually, the club’s much vaunted view returns. We get shopping recommendations for the morning.

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