20 September 2019 – To Winter storage

Start position
Finish position
The morning matches the peace of last night. There hasn’t been a breath of wind all night. We’re heading for Ardfern, so timing is about Luing Sound and Dorus Mor.
Our anchor is thoroughly buried in thick mud, so has to be broken out with the engine. Then we’re on our way. It’s a calm morning and we’re soon being helped along by the South flowing tide, touching 9 knots over the ground at one point. At Morus Dor the tide is flowing strongly across our path, pulling us South, rather than helping us East. This seems to be due to a lack of detail on the tidal chart, so we’ll know more next time.
Once round the corner, with the wind behind us we unfurl the jib and drift gently North. Other people are doing the same, but the wind is dying again. We motor up to Ardfern as we need time to talk to the staff there.
Once alongside we start to pack up for winter. ‘Ivy Green’s next move will be ashore. We make the most of the sunshine and calm conditions to get as much as possible done. Mainsail and gaff are off. Halyards tidied back to the mast, downhauls removed. It’s not clear exactly when she’ll come out, or what will support the winter cover, so the rest of the rig remains in place for now.
We see ‘Solway Made’ and ‘Fortuna II’ ashore.
The following morning we’re woken by winds gusting over 20kts, as forecast. We continue to pack up, brief the boatyard, then head home.
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