1st June 2017 – Hamble to Yarmouth

  • Start position – The Elephant Boatyard
  • Start time – 12:15
  • Start engine hrs – 644.8
  • Towards – Yarmouth
  • ETA –  17:00
  • Finish position – Yarmouth
  • Finish time – 16:25
  • Finish engine hrs – 646.3
  • Distance travelled – 17nm
  • Skipper – Richard
  • Crew – Louise
  • Weather – SE1-3, sun
  • Tide – HW Portsmouth 18:10, 4.4m
    • LW Portsmouth 10:40, 1.3m
    • np->sp 29%
  • New faults –

Ivy Green is gleaming in the Bursledon sunshine. No sign of last week’s post encounter remains. We’re off to YOGAFF, which starts with a DIY passage race to Yarmouth. We’ve set up our own course from ‘Coronation’, then ‘Calshot Spit’, ‘Lepe Spit’ and straight to the finishing line off Yarmouth. There’s a slight flood tide against us, so the plan is to hug the mainland coast, then cross over as late as possible.

There’s a good breeze in Southampton Water, so we don’t hoist the topsail before starting. We immediately decide that we do need the topsail and then discover that it’s sheet is routed under the main sail’s lacing to the gaff, so that’s the end of that. Still we’re making respectable progress and soon pass Beaulieu, from where ‘Blackjack’ and ‘High Barbaree’ emerge behind us. Steve on ‘Blackjack’ has beaten us twice in this race, so the game is on! He follows us along the 2m contour. ‘High Barbaree’ is motor-sailing and catches us as the wind fails. With our speed over the ground well below 2kts we realise that the unusual rules of this race mean that the penally for motoring is worth taking. It also gives us a chance of getting to the drinks reception on time! 10 minutes after starting the engine, we’re in the middle of the Solent as the wind picks up from the South. We switch off and have a lovely sail up to Yarmouth, just fetching the Eastern end of the finish line.

Gaffers are gathering and we’re allocated a finger berth opposite ‘Lone Wolf’. We’re in good time for the drinks reception, where we finalise crew for tomorrow with Barbara and Erik from the Dutch OGA, who are camping nearby for the weekend. Then it’s fish and chips at the Blue Crab with the Pennisons for the end of a fine start to YOGAFF.

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