19th June 2017 – Falmouth to Helford

  • Start position – Falmouth Haven
  • Start time – 13:00
  • Start engine hrs – 678.3
  • Towards – Helford River
  • ETA –
  • Finish position – Helford River
  • Finish time – 15:20
  • Finish engine hrs – 680.0
  • Distance travelled – 7nm
  • Skipper – Richard
  • Crew – Louise
  • Weather – E1
  • Tide – HW Helford 13:30
    • np->sp 0%
  • New faults –

Another sunny morning. We’re in no hurry, so L goes to investigate Falmouth’s shops. We take on water (28” and 18” on gauge) and fuel. 118l is a little more than usual for 52hrs, but we did spend half of that at higher engine speeds than usual. We shall continue to monitor consumption.

The forecast Easterly F3 is barely F1, so while we hoist sails it’s a motor most of the way to Helford. As we approach the river we pass a gaff-rigged wayfarer, also motoring. A little inshore breeze allows us both to drift up the river, where we raft alongside ‘Gwenili’. they’re on fine form and chasing mechanical problems. I am inspired finally to find our electric bilge pump and float switch. Also to tighten the stern gland to stop the constant dripping. This involves removing everything from the port cockpit locker, climbing in and then getting my head down to the bottom. Not easy, but just possible. A little tightening reduces the drips to less than 1/min.

We inflate the dinghy and row ashore to join a convivial beach barbecue, with other gaffers, plus Mary and Charlie. 

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