17th June 2017 – Falmouth Classics

  • Start position – Falmouth Haven
  • Start time – 12:30
  • Start engine hrs – 676.2
  • Towards –
  • ETA –
  • Finish position – Falmouth Haven
  • Finish time – 17:30
  • Finish engine hrs – 676.9
  • Distance travelled –
  • Skipper – Richard
  • Crew – Louise
  • Weather –
  • Tide – HW Falmouth 11:20
    • np->sp 25%
  • New faults –

It’s a later start today, with just a single race this afternoon. Coming back from a trip ashore, I find Jeremy Burnett waiting on the pontoon. He’s clearly pleased to see ‘Ivy Green’ and tells me that he sailed on her in Dartmouth with the Dumas, but does not want to come aboard.

There has been some doubt about this race given the lightness of the wind, but there’s enough to get us under way. The wind is now in the South, so the start is off St. Mawes Bank. It seems busier today. The first upwind leg is slow, but manageable. At the last minute I realise that I’ve been aiming at the wrong windward mark. It costs us a little time, but not much, as we’ve stayed in the wind much longer than those ahead of us. Those behind have followed us! Once we head downwind things get very slow. ‘Moondance’ just slides her bowsprit inside as we approach the leeward mark. In the absence of an on-water umpire we give them the benefit of the doubt, but come out of the rounding above them. A long port talk lifts us towards the mark, but the following tack is correspondingly horrible. At the mark we’re tight behind ‘Moondance’ and a small bermudan boat. We get on ‘Moondance’s’ wind, but the bermudan is to leeward of us and gradually pushes us away from them. It takes us 45minutes to cover the 0.8nm to the final mark. ‘Moondance’ and ‘Gwenili’ are in sight ahead, ‘Alva’ is long gone. On the final reach the wind fails completely and we finally accept that we’re not going to get there.

By the time we’re in, there’s just time to get ready to go out again and a launch takes up to the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club for a barbecue and prize giving. The prize giving turns out to be very incomplete. It appears that the results need too much work for today. Most will happen tomorrow. We still have no idea how we’ve done. We have an enjoyable evening, mainly with Mary and Charlie, along with Julian of ‘Lyra’. Then it’s bed time.

Monitoring current consumption gives us the confidence to continue to run the fridge overnight, without plugging in. We’re using less than 2A/hr with all the navigation systems off.

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