16th June 2017 – Falmouth Classics

  • Start position – Falmouth Haven
  • Start time – ~10:00
  • Start engine hrs – 675.7
  • Towards –
  • ETA –
  • Finish position – Falmouth Haven
  • Finish time – ~17:30
  • Finish engine hrs – 676.2
  • Distance travelled –
  • Skipper – Richard
  • Crew – Louise
  • Weather –
  • Tide – HW Falmouth 10:20
    • np->sp %
  • New faults – Data logging is incomplete
2 races today, starting at 11:50 and 14:20. Light NW winds put the start over near St. Mawes, with an upwind mark off Pendennis. We set up with No.1 jib and topsail, which serve us well in the first race. The main competition seem to be the very pretty ‘Alva’ and the rather older ‘Gweneli’. We get a clean start and are in between them at the windward mark. Then it’s back downwind towards St. Anthony Head. We could use more sail, but it’s not an option with just 2 of us on board. ‘Gwenili’ gybe away early and find wind. We follow, while ‘Alva’ holds their direct line adding a water sail, but going slowly. At the leeward mark they’re both just ahead of us. There’s a long starboard tack across the ebb tide to buoy ‘P’. The others have followed the big gaffers right across. We tack early and get just enough lift to scrape past the mark ahead of the others and the bigger boats. From there it’s up and down the course again, before a finish close to Falmouth. We have no idea how we’ve done, as we don’t know who all the competition are, or their handicaps.

There’s just time for lunch on the go before we do all it again on the same course. The wind is lightening now. We get another good start, but have a close encounter with ‘Gwenili’ when we try to tack across them. At the windward mark, ‘Alva’ has gone and ‘Lyra’, ‘Gwenili’ and us all round within touching distance. As the wind fails we are surprised to hear nothing from the race committee as the 2hr time limit comes and goes. Eventually only ‘Alva’ and us are stubborn enough to cross the line, apparently out of time. It seems the race officer initially thought that the time limit was 3hrs. We shall see how they sort that out.

We pack up and immediately heard for Falmouth Art Gallery for whisky and art! Luke Powell is there (Jo was helming ‘Agnes’ yesterday), full of the joys of his new project. Walking back towards the boat we find The Lookout, which has both a table and great tapas-style food, to finish off a most enjoyable day.

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