16 September 2018 – Hamble Classics – Day 2

Start position
Royal Southern YC
Start time
Start engine hours
Distance travelled
Finish position
The Elephant Boatyard
Finish time
Finish engine hours
Louise, Miles
  • SW 3-4
  • HW Portsmouth 17:10, 4.3m
  • LW Portsmouth 09:40, 1.6m
New faults
  • Stern gland dripping
Np->Sp %
It’s another sunny morning, with noticeably more wind than yesterday. The wind is blowing straight up the Hamble as we motor out, so we have both mainsail and topsail up before we leave the last corner. Then it’s a fast sail out to the starting area. Jolie Brise is already there. We pass the others on the way and soon see their topsails rising behind us. The goal for today is to cover Peggy Bawn. We need to be within that 7s on corrected time, if they win ahead of us.
We get a poor start, then it’s the same fist leg as yesterday, to ‘Mother Bank’. We’re making up ground and climbing above Peggy Bawn, towards Thalia in the gusts, when a small tanker splits the fleet. It goes between Thalia and us, forcing both Peggy Bawn and us to take avoiding action, close on it’s lee side. By the time we get going again, Peggy Bawn is tight on our bow and the others have gone. The wind eases and Peggy Bawn starts to open up the gap. They’re soon too far ahead of us.
We see Jolie Brise harden up at the mark, but keep going toward Ryde. Thalia does the same and then so does Peggy Bawn. They may be getting out of the tide, but they’re going away from the next mark, ‘Peel Bank’. We resist the temptation to follow the herd, trust our own judgement and tack just below the mark. We’re comfortably fetching the next mark, as we sail up the 10m line. We may be down to 3.5kts initially, but we’re going the right way and soon picking up speed and bearing away. We’re not far behind Thalia as we round the mark in a strong position. Now it’s a broad reach across the Solent. This time the wind holds and it looks as though Thalia might even catch up with Jolie Brise. She doesn’t, but is close behind at the next mark. Then a couple of short upwind legs and we’re 3rd across the line. It’s almost certainly good enough for a second first place.
Another quick sail back to the Hamble and we wait for the prize giving. We’ve scored 2 wins for a perfect result! We also pick up a prize lifejacket from yesterday.
Then it’s back aboard to motor back to the Elephant, arriving just after Thalia and before Peggy Bawn.
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