15th October 2017 – Newtown to Burlsedon

  • Start position – Newtown
  • Start time – 12:00
  • Start engine hrs – 749.8
  • Towards – Bursledon
  • ETA –
  • Finish position – The Elephant Boatyard
  • Finish time – 15:20
  • Finish engine hrs – 750.7
  • Distance travelled – 16nm
  • Skipper – Richard
  • Crew – Louise,
  • Weather – SW2
  • Tide –
  • New faults –

It’s a late start waiting for the tide to turn in our favour. By 11:30 we’re getting ready, even though the tide won’t have turned yet. ‘Sepia’ sets off, we hoist the mainsail and cast off after them. Once out we’re creeping East, tight inshore, so add the topsail. We slide along the edge of Gurnard Ledge, goose-winged. The wind backs enough to let us get all the way up towards Calshot before we gybe and head for Hamble. It’s another busy day on the Solent, but all passes routinely.

‘Cockleshell’ come and raft up to us at the boatyard, amid concerns of whether the remains of a hurricane are coming through tonight. It doesn’t look very likely, but we put a couple of extra mooring lines on and leave the big cover off.

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