14th-15th July – Guernsey

  • Start position – St. Peter Port
  • Start time –
  • Start engine hrs – 694.4
  • Towards –
  • ETA –
  • Finish position –  St. Peter Port
  • Finish time –
  • Finish engine hrs – 695.5
  • Distance travelled –
  • Skipper – Richard
  • Crew – Louise, Sofie
  • Weather –
  • Tide –
  • New faults –

No sailing today, so we go kayaking instead. Starting in Havelet Bay and heading a short distance round to the South and back.

Then collect the gaff, as promised. Rather surprisingly Boatworks+’s metal expert has welded the bronze fitting back together and is confident of its strength, by adding significant extra metal. They’ve also add 3 large jubilee clips to protect the crack in the wood. They assure me that it should be good for the rest of the season, so we put everything back together and work on new plans.

It’s Friday now. We need to be home by Sunday evening and tomorrow’s forecast is marginal. Eventually we decide to leave Ivy Green where she is and fly home tomorrow, then fill the water tanks and tighten up the stern gland again – It’s getting easier to get in and out of the locker and maybe one of the locknuts wasn’t tightened properly last time.

There’s just time to put the cover on before catching the bus to the airport. Hopefully we’ll be back in just over a week.

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