10th August – Weymouth to Yarmouth

  • Start position – Weymouth
  • Start time – 05:40
  • Start engine hrs – 727.7
  • Towards – Yarmouth
  • ETA –  13:00
  • Finish position – Yarmouth
  • Finish time – 12:05
  • Finish engine hrs – 728.5
  • Distance travelled – 41nm
  • Skipper – Richard
  • Crew – Louise,
  • Weather – N3-6
  • Tide – HW Portsmouth 14:00
    • np->sp 88%
  • New faults –
The 3 OGA boats stayed in Weymouth yesterday. During the day we were joined by ‘Betty II’ and ‘Harbinger’. We rearranged our raft to allow our neighbours to leave for Cherbourg at 05:00 today. Passage planning continued in ‘Les Enfant Terribles’ restaurant. The plan is to start early, make full use of the strong flood tide and get to Hurst before the tide changes.

It’s an early start with NW 3-4 forecast. We’re out of Weymouth harbour to meet the dawn, followed by ‘Betty II’, ‘Step Back in Time’ and ‘East Breeze’. Soon we’re all enjoying a reach along the Jurassic coast in the morning sunshine.

The wind freshens and it’s soon gusting to F5, before steadying at F6. We touch 10kts over the ground approaching St. Albans Head. We’ve taken the inshore route, which is fine, but becomes distinctly choppy immediately after the point. From there it’s tighter on the wind for just 30minutes to Anvil Point, then straight out towards the Needles. ‘Ivy Green’ is eating up the miles, but it’s moderately rough and can’t be much fun on the smaller boats behind us.

We’re just headed as the tide tries to sweep us around the South of the Needles, so it’s then a beat up to Hurst. With the tide flooding hard it’s not a great hardship. We’re through Hurst by 11:30 and find a tideless spot just off ‘Black Rock’ to pack up. ‘Ivy Green’ just sits there. Then it’s into the harbour in time for lunch.

We hear that ‘Betty II’ has diverted to Poole. By 14:00 the tide must have turned at Hurst, so we’re not expecting the others, when ‘Step Back in Time’ appears. At 15:00 the harbour master tells us that ‘East Breeze’ is coming. She’s had a painfully slow slog against the ebb tide and torn her mainsail, but Marion is in good spirits.. The attached graphs show that the conditions were fine for ‘Ivy Green’, but certainly not what we had expected and testing for the smaller boats. So well done to everyone. (Note that graphs show apparent wind, not true)

We’ve earned a quiet afternoon, before hosting Marion to IOW sausages on board.

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