• Topsailors.org is a social sailing log. Whether it’s a one-off post, or a record of every day you’re on the water, it’s the perfect place to post your log entries.
    • We’re focussed on traditional/classic boats, but you don’t need to have a topsail, or a gaff rig, just something to say that might be interesting to those of us that do.
  • Topsailors.org is easier than setting up your own blog.
    • It’s here and ready to go now. All you need to do is write something.
    • Your audience receive automatic notification of new posts and see posts from other authors, while they wait for your next update.
  • Topsailors.org is not a commercial venture. We’re simply encouraging people to share their sailing stories.
    • There is no cost to using the site and no advertising.
    • The site is built on free software and run by volunteers.

How do I get involved?

  • Contributor registration on this site is currently by invitation only. We hope to be able to open it up to everyone later.
    • You can register interest in becoming a contributor here.
  • Anyone can comment on and ‘like’ posts.
  • Like our Facebook page.
  • Subscribe by email:

What should I post?

  • It’s up to you – Cruising logs, event/race reports, building/restoration projects…
    • Include a few photos whenever possible.
    • Most posts on Topsailors.org are longer than typical social media posts.
    • Hopefully your post will still be interesting next week/month/year.
  • You are not assigning copyright to anyone by posting here, although we shall assume that you’re happy for us to use any posted content, elsewhere on this site. e.g. Photos in galleries.
  • Don’t post other people’s material without their permission.
  • Illegal, offensive, irrelevant, or commercial content will be removed.
  • Keep backups of your own content, in case there’s ever a problem with this site.

How do I post?

  • Online
    1. Click the ‘Post something now’ button
    2. Write your text and add photos. Format as little, or as much, as you like.
      • A ‘Featured image’ (see below) and a clear title will help, as these are the first things readers see.
    3. Use the ‘Preview’ option to check what you’ve written, then click ‘Publish’.
      • You can use the ‘Safe Draft’ option, if you don’t have time to finish your post now
      • You can edit your post after publication, if you want to make changes. Note that subscribers will only be informed when you first publish the post.
  • Or by email (write while at sea!)
    1. Send an email to post@topsailors.org. A draft post will be created automatically.
    2. Login in to the site, review your post and make any adjustments needed.
    3. Click ‘Publish’
      • Note that you must send the email from the email address you used to register.
      • It may take up to 10 minutes for the email to be processed.
      • For more advanced capabilities, including automatic publishing, see http://postieplugin.com/usage/

Use images to show your post at its best.

There are 3 ways to use images within your posts. In each case you start by clicking the ‘Add Media’ button, when you are creating/editing your post. This will display the main media manager screen:

media clip

From here you can:

Add a 'Featured Image' to display on the site home page.
  • Your post’s ‘Featured Image’ is used to display the post on the home page of this site. A placeholder will be used, if you do not set one, but it’s much better to include your own.
  • Featured images are displayed at a maximum resolution of 300x170px (16×9), so landscape images work best.
  • You can use any image that you’ve already uploaded, or upload one specially for the purpose.
    'Insert Media' to display an image in your post.
    • Display a fixed size image in your post.
      'Create Gallery' to display a set of images in your post.
      • Image galleries display a grid of image thumbnails, which users can click to view a larger version.
      • It’s often best to use a gallery, even if you’re inserting a single image in a post.

      Uploading and embedding media files.

          • You can upload the following file types, to include in your posts:
            • Images – jpg, jpeg, gif, png
            • GPS tracks – gpx – Add a chart to your post
            • Adobe PDF documents – pdf
          • Content from various external sites can be embedded simply by including the URL in your post. These include:
            • YouTube – Shared video
            • Cloudup – An easy way to share your own videos
            • Any WordPress site – Other blogs
          • Please use the Contact form to request other file types.

      Use 'tags' and 'boats' to help readers find articles that they're interested in.

          • Tags are keywords that will help users to find articles that they’re interested in.
            • Examples might be ‘Solent’, ‘Race’, or ‘Schooner’.
            • You can use existing tags, or create your own.
            • You can assign several tags to the same post.
            • Please do not use boat names in these general tags, but use the special keywords below.
            • Users can search or filter by tag from the the home page.
            • Use the ‘Tags’ panel to the right of the main edit area, when you are creating/editing your post, to set your tags.
          • ‘Boats’ are a special form of keyword to identify the boat relating to a log entry.
            • You can use existing ‘boats’, or create your own.
            • Users can search or filter by boat from the the home page.
            • Use the ‘Boats’ panel to the right of the main edit area, when you are creating/editing your post, to set your tags.

      How do people find my post?

          • Tell your friends!
          • Topsailors.org automatically posts to social media. So there will be an audience, even if you only post occasionally.
          • You can also share your posts to your own social media accounts automatically.
            • See here. You must be logged in to see this page and will need to sign up to an external service.
          • Users can also subscribe by email from any page.
          • Don’t forget to subscribe yourself!

      Any questions/problems?

          • Use the Contact form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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